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This term was first used in a 1983 article on laptops. The concept emerged with the development of new information and communication technologies, which enabled entrepreneurs to be free from requiring a physical space from which to work, thus enabling them to work from where it was most suitable for them and for their client.
Virtualizing an office creates a new set of challenges, including where to receive professional correspondence, where to meet with customers and suppliers, having someone that can answer your calls while in a meeting or on vacation, etc..
To facilitate this trend, many companies have emerged and specialize in providing support services to entrepreneurs who decide to take advantage of technological advances to cut costs in their business and improve the professionalism of their business.

Technological developments allowed us to look at traditional activities, such as office rentals, and enhance their functionality while minimizing their costs. Thus, virtualizing your office is a way to increase the profitability of your business and turn it into more competitive activity. When you virtualize your office you have an assistant who manages and forwards your calls, faxes and correspondence according to your requirements without incurring into the usual office costs. This solution is ideal for start-up companies or professionals who work from home or at their customer's premises.


The term Office Center identifies the location of several offices available for rent. However, this concept evolved beyond the simple office rental, since the aggregate number of companies in the same place allows for significant savings in the sharing of services. Currently, Office Centers are the answer for companies that want to maintain a physical space to develop their activities, but want to leverage the synergies of the Office Centers by significantly reducing operating costs, which will increase their competitiveness.

Operating costs to maintain your own office are high, since in addition to the rent you are certain to require various items and services, such as furniture, secretarial service, electricity, cleaning, maintenance and others. By joining an Office Center you have access to a more complete service at more competitive prices while providing conditions that will allow you to carry on your business without the worries of a conventional office. This allows you to focus on your business and your customers. Our goal is to offer a service that optimizes the cost / benefit of your business, thus making it more competitive.

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